Introducing Our New Blog, The Dawn of Retirement

November 15, 2018

We recently launched our new blog, The Dawn of Retirement. Here you will find short stories written to provide clients and prospects with practical knowledge and education on the behavioral side of money as well as the technical side of planning.

Every few weeks we post a new tidbit that we hope helps you feel more engaged and educated about the investing process. Below is an excerpt from our most recent post, Inadequate tax planning can mean lost income for investors:

Financial advisors need to pay more attention to strategic tax planning. In my experience, too many clients are leaving money on the table because their advisor is overlooking opportunities to maximize tax savings in clients’ portfolios.

How do I know this? I see it more often than I’d like when reviewing a potential new client’s investments.

I have been a wealth manager for over 18 years. I am experienced in financial coaching, investing and wealth management. But the area of financial advice that I have the most respect for is one that is often overlooked and underused by many financial advisors to the detriment of their clients—strategic tax planning

You can read the rest, as well as our other posts, by visiting the blog.

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